Level up your programming skills

Are you a code newbie?

The solutions you write provide reviewers with clues about what you haven’t grasped yet. The feedback you receive will guide you to relevant study topics and dramatically increase the ease with which you write code.

“Using Exercism requires three tools:

Your text editor: Write a solution to an exercise using your favorite text editor.
Your command line interface: Fetch problems and submit solutions via the command line (or terminal).
The exercism.io website: Review feedback on your solution and discuss it with other learners on the website.
For each exercise that you do, you’ll go through the same basic steps.

Fetch the exercise using the command line.
Write code to solve the exercise on your own computer, satisfying each of the tests.
Submit your solution using the command line. If you get stuck, submit what you have and ask for help. You also get to see other people’s solutions to the same problem, which could help you figure it out.
Review feedback and look at how other people solved the same problem on the website. Ask questions about what seems interesting or confusing!
Improve your solution and resubmit as many times as desired.
You’ll see many references to Command-Line Client, Command-Line Interface and CLI. These all mean the same thing. They are generic terms for programs/tools that are meant to be used on the command-line.

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